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With Bodybuilding Revealed, Will Brink and friends have created a powerful tool for the person with their sights set on gaining muscle mass. In a market dominated by short, "fluff-filled" ebooks, Brink responds with a 632 page ebook that is fluff-free.No one is more qualified to provide you with on-target bodybuilding advice than Will Brink. He is well-respected in all corners of the bodybuilding world, from the pro bodybuilders down to the weekend warriors.

But what really makes Will such an asset to those of us pursuing physique-changing goals is his ability to communicate what he knows. It is one thing to be a smart guy, it is a completely other thing to be able to quickly and effectively communicate what you know to those who need to know

First let me start out by saying that Bodybuilding Revealed is an amazing book. If there were a university level class for personal trainers of professional athletes, this would be the textbook. As I mentioned before, you can find ALL of this information for free somewhere on the internet; however, it could take you a lifetime to assemble it all and figure out what information you found was real and what is BS. This is a great book for a beginner or intermediate bodybuilder, the only people who don’t need this book are IFBB pros. Bodybuilding Revealed covers everything: nutrition, training, cardio, and supplements.